Resources on East Asian studies and translations

A forest of useful(and dead) links, far from organised.(22.6.2024)

Descriptions in English, Chinese and Japanese(always search with traditional Chinese/seijitai, but do try also 常用漢字 when you fail to find the Japanese resources expected).

Always check Endymion Wilkinson's Chinese History: A New Manual(most updated sixth edition) for any published works on Sinology.

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Resources on East Asian studies and translations

Financial supports and research opportunities for doctoral students(2.2.2023)

Scholarships and financial supports for doctoral students

中国語・中国思想オンラインリソース(入門者向け, Japanese only、2023.5.1更新)


Google Japanese Input Dictionary

Includes the phrases that a historian on East Asian history usually prefers as pop-ups when they are typed. (24.8.2023)

Word macros

Patch removing or replacing punctuations. (Working in progress)

Translation memories(TM)

Japanese and English to Chinese, Japanese to English. (Working in progress)

Zotero bibliographies

Premodern Chinese history, Chinese intellectual history and Chinese classics.
(Working in progress)

AI prompts on translation, summarisation and others

Unfortunately, also working in progress...