A sinologist and translator, from Hong Kong, in Tokyo.

From a park near my home in Katsushika, Tokyo

This is a site designated as a hub to connect researchers and students who research and learn East Asian history and culture, in a broad sense, to the resources they need. I hope the information provided will save your time and I sincerely look forward to your education on any update of the academia.

Selected works

  1. Kinshing Chan, How Do We Do If the Barbarians Have Their Monarchs: The Reading of the Sentence Yidizhiyoujun夷狄之有君 in the Analects from Song to Qing, The Twelfth International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS 12), Jun 2022, Volume 1, pp.81 - 89.

  2. 陳健成・小島毅:「伝統中国における梅の表象」、加藤泰史・小島毅編:『尊厳と社会』上、慶應義塾大学出版会、2020、211~231頁。

  3. 陳健成:〈明清之際的朱子學經解──以清初孫承澤(1592-1676)《尚書集解》之〈洪範〉解釋為中心〉,《承繼與創新--中國文學研究的再反思青年學者會議論文集》,南京:鳳凰出版社,2018,頁133-151。

  4. 陳健成:「袁仁『砭蔡編』についてーー明代における蔡沈『書集伝』に対する批判の特例」、伊東貴之編:『「心身/身心」と環境の哲学――東アジアの伝統思想を媒介に考える』、汲古書院201647~66頁。

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